A web automation, data mining, and growth hacking consultancy powered by talent with past experience at Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and the American Information Research Services. Contact

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Web automation

  • Web scraping
  • Extract text from image/pdf
  • Automate online tasks
  • and more!

Data Mining

  • Regression analysis
  • Deep learning
  • Topic modeling
  • and more!

Growth hacking

  • Linkedin Lead generation
  • Automated SEO backlink generation
  • Automated Social media marketing
  • Recruiting automation
  • Dropshipping automation
  • and more!





Executive Team:


Alexander Jackson


Principal project manager

Started his career as a software engineer at IBM before recieving a job offer as a project manager at Microsoft's Seattle office. Designated PM owner of mouse and keyboard on Xbox one which he successfully completed in just over 60% of the time allocated to him. Over 9 million people used the feature resulting in him making the company millions of dollars in profit.


Alex McInteer


Principal Engineer, Lead Data Architect, and Web Scraping expert

A web automation prodigy since a young age, he reached 52m+ Americans with news during the week leading up to the 2017 american presidential election with a budget of less then $200 and plenty of web automation scripts when he was only 17. Shortly after he gained a job opportunity at the American Information Research Services Corporation where he applied his web automation knowledge to building webscrapers that extract millions of eviction records for the company to sell wholesale.